4 Pole Relay

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4 Pole normally closed solid state relay with common AC or DC control input. The product is designed and encapsulated mainly because of the reason that it can handle 25 Amps of AC current per channel at a maximum blocking voltage of 800Volt ac per channel and the whole relay can handle totally 100Amps with 800Volts blocking voltage per channel. And also the operation of the relay without its control voltage i.e. input control voltage being zero, the channels will conduct fully with less than 2 volts of voltage drop across each channel. The total current and the voltage insulation between channel to channel is maintained in a way that the electronic operation of one channel do not affect the operation of other channel. And also the control voltage is both AC and DC. All the above explained electronic and electrical operations are accommodated inside a relatively small package, with output terminals for conduction and looping it to another relay for parallel or serial operation.

The four pole solid state relay is unique for its design and control aspect mainly because in most of the industrial machinery a need arises for enabling four operations at a time and disabling similar operation at the same time using a common control signal the control signal can sometimes be DC voltage or AC voltage ranging from 5volts to 30volts using which there will be need to control relatively high voltage and current simultaneously for 1 to 4 channels there for this relay functions perfectly for such applications and operations. And it can be looped for increasing the number of channels from 4 to 8 or 12 or 16 etc, again with a common control voltage of 5 to 30 volts AC or DC coming from other control electronics.

Four pole solid state relay in normally closed condition under no control voltage and open condition when control input is applied with common control input for all channels with both AC and DC control input.

Technical Specifications :

  • Input voltage - 180 to 240 VAC
  • Line frequency - 45 to 55Hz
  • Current rating - 20Amps
  • Ambient temperature - - 10°C to + 60°C
  • Equipment temperature rise - +50°C (Approximate)
  • Equipment cooling - Aluminum heat sink
  • Weight - 330gms
  • Dimensions L x B x H - 104mm x 68.5mm x 33.42mm
  • Mounting - Heat sink mountable
  • DC control voltage - 5 to 30VDC
  • AC control voltage - 5 to 30VAC at 50 to 60Hz

Application & Advantages:

  • Switching of inverter or generator or solar plants power to load during mains power Off in industry or residence the mains can be single phase or three phase
  • Maintenance of low temperature in cold storages during power cut off and to automatically provide power from generators or inverters or from solar plants
  • Any type of industrial application that requires mains cut off from backup power supplies.