Card Switch Adaptor

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The Begining

The usual card switch used in hotels and hospitals for switching ON and OFF of electrical equipments in the room are generally rated for 10 to 15 amps to enhance the current rating a separate electro mechanical contactor is used. AEM newly developed solid state four channel contactor can be used along with the card switch to increase the current rating with every channel rated for 20Amps and without electro mechanical contacts and moving parts.

All the four channels are synchronous switches that avoids in ruch current to the connected electrical equipments that increases the life of equipments unlike contactors that can switch asnchynronously by producing surge currents and decreasing equipment life. The four channels of the Card switch adaptor can be divided for different loads and will be powered at the same time once the card is inserted in the card switch.

Technical Specifications :

  • Input voltage per channel : 100VAC to 300VAC
  • Line frequency : 45 to 55Hz
  • Current rating per channel : 20Amps
  • Ambient temperature : -10⁰C to + 60⁰C
  • Equipment temperature rise : +40⁰C (Approximate)
  • Weight : 400gms
  • Dimensions L x B x H : 200mm x 120mm x90mm
  • Mounting : Wall mountable
  • AC control voltage( from card switch) : 180 to 240VAC at 50 to 60Hz

Applications & Advantages:

In star rated hotel rooms and hospital rooms industries and office work places where lighting AC fans and other electrical equipments needs to be switched ON and OFF with single card insertion this card switch adaptor can be used.

The major advantage is that the adaptor consumes negligible current and it avoids inrush current to the connected equipments. Also there is no switching ON OFF noise as in the case of electro mechanical contactors.