Solid state 3-phase to 1-phase automatic selector

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    Power-High end Electrical & Electronics Products

Technical Specifications :

Input voltage phase to neutral - 180 to 260 VAC

Line frequency - 45 to 55Hz

Current rating per phase - 20Amps

Ambient temperature - (-) 10 to (+) 60 Degree centigrade

Equipment temperature rise - 50°C (Approximate)

Equipment cooling - Aluminum heat sinking

Weight - N/A

Dimensions L x B x H - 205mm x 130mm x 155mm


The advantages of this technology as compared to manual phase selection are.

  • Phase selection is instantaneous and avoids delay of phase selection due to this machines lightings AC units do not suffer black outs.
  • No moving parts as in the case of rotator switches.
  • Avoids sparking, spikes and surges
  • Moisture proof.
  • As there are no mechanical contacts the solid state selector can work in extreme climatic conditions and temperatures.


  • Industries
  • Tanneries
  • Residential Appartments
  • Conventional halls
  • Educational institutions